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My Friend Cayla now available

My Friend Cayla the doll now on sale

picture of my friend cayla the doll

My Friend Cayla the doll acts as a virtual friend of your child, it has the ability to perform more or less like an innocent human friend to your child. This is the doll with number of functions incorporated to make sure that your child gets complete experience of having a friend even at the times when there real human friends are not available. It has so many functions that not only will keep your child busy in playing but also it is excellent for the educational purposes. The mode in which it stores the information that increases the knowledge of your child is the one that sets Cayla doll apart from the other talking dolls. There are many mind blowing functions of this doll such as:

Online or offline use of doll:

First and foremost thin that makes My Friend Cayla an innovative doll is that it can be used online or offline. For offline use it has already installed stories, games, information about geography and much more to offer. When you connect the doll online a wide array of functions can be enabled not only for fun purposes but also for the education of your child. For online use the app can be downloaded by the parents to control the information used by their child and along with it another protective shield is the use of google for search purposes in order to make sure that there is no inappropriate information delivered to child. The online and offline use of Cayla bring entertainment and knowledge conjoined together for your child.

my friend cayla the doll in the box

Answering of questions:

The My Friend Cayla doll is very effective toy for your child since it has the ability to be used online and while it is connected with the internet it is able to answer the questions related to different niche that might rise in your child’s mind. At the young age children are always eager to know more and more about the things and this is why they are always asking questions related animals, plants or world or a lot of different things. Due to the search capability this is made easy for your child to learn new things.
Be a friend to your child by chatting:
Little kids are always chatty and the Cayla is a doll that can talk to your child and never make them feel that they are alone ever. This is the best doll for the children who have speech problem as it can help playing with your child and also when it talks to them they increase their speaking capability.

Stories and games to keep child occupied:

Cayla has many stories and games already installed in it and the stories that children want to listen are provided to them. The games can be played online or offline. If the child is playing offline games then the limited amount of games are available but online games can be played too.
After knowing what My Friend Cayla is capable of, there remains no ambiguity that parents and children both prefer getting this doll. Because this doll acts as a friends towards the child and parents can feel satisfied about the fact that there child are having good company to keep them busy.

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