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Check out the New Teksta T-Rex Robot Dinosaur


Children who love keeping pets but are not allowed to because they are messy and those who love dinosaurs can have Teksta T-Rex robot dinosaur as their buddy and pet. This is the toy that all children would just love because as fierce this animal was in his era is now really friendly and loving. If you wish to get your child this fun pet and friend then don’t forget that it has so much to offer that your kid will be the happiest one in all his friends. Because agree or not but it sure is one of the coolest toys ever. Get your child come to know about the earth the way it was before the advent of human beings on this planet. The fun factors of this toy that makes it really fun are:

Teksta T-Rex robot Dinosaur Response actions:

When you keep a pet children are always touching them, patting them and they also respond to their sound and touch, it’s same with Teksta T-Rex robot dinosaur. It has inbuilt property that it responds to the touch, light and sound thus making it a perfect buddy to be with. Another very cool feature is that it can also respond to hand gestures thus whenever your child gives a gesture to come for a walk it follows the command right away and act just like any alive pet.

teksta's t-rex robot

Love for eating:

Teksta T-Rex has a really big appetite and craves for the bone that comes along with the toy. So when it’s hungry you can throw him the bone and he will make the crunching and munching sounds as a symbol that he is eating the bone. When he is full and done with eating he will toss away the bone and make a burping sound to show how full his tummy is. It is a really natural demonstration of eating habits.

The t-rex robot dinosaur

Expression of emotions:

The mind blowing property of Teksta T-Rex that can really make your child feel as if it is a real pet and buddy is that it has capability to express the expressions as sad, happy and angry plus he can also show the expressions through its eye gestures. When the child pat it on its face he may growl and also snap at so be careful while making move.

Teksta T-Rex free app:

The free pp of Teksta T-Rex can be downloaded to get to know your robot pet buddy a bit more and also learn new tricks and games that you can play with it. This app gives you further guidance on how to play with your Teksta T-Rex.

The Teksta T-Rex is really adorable and amusing toy that can instill curiosity of knowing about the ancient environment and living creatures that are now extinct in your child. So if you want your child to get to know what the earth was like and want him to take interest in this Genre of science then start at early age and Teksta T-Rex can be helpful for that.


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