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My Friend Cayla the Doll

My friend Cayla

Introducing the toy predicted to be the number 1 selling toy this Christmas My Friend Cayla

The new interactive Cayla the doll

My Friend Cayla, Invented by creator Bob Delprincipe from Las Vegas and made by European distributor Vivid, Can answer questions, understand, chat, tell stories, play games, play online and play offline. Vivid have a great track record with its products. They also brought out Teksta, the robotic dog which had great success.

My Friend Cayla is just like any doll that girls love to play with. What girls really love to do is talk to their dolls and wish they were able to talk back and Cayla is able to talk back and interact with her owner. She is a doll for the technological age that can connect with your smart phone or tablet. It uses Bluetooth, voice recognition and speech-to-text technology to answer its owner’s questions. Virtually play games, read stories and explore. It is the ultimate best friend doll that will have its own personality, likes and dislikes. Cayla contains a database with details of her family, pets,and her favourite things, such as her favourite food, pop-star and her favourite movie. She will also be the smartest friend you have ever had as she will be able to find information off the internet. You can ask her questions such as “What is the national animal of Scotland?” and she will be able to find the answer for you and reply “The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn”

Once you have purchased your doll you can download the app to your android or iphone tablet and start playing straight away.

Google’s Safe Search technology has been utilised to prevent Cayla from sharing material of an inappropriate nature. Parents can log into app and block any words they find unsuitable. Ask her where babies come from and she says: “I don’t know. You better ask your teacher.” Her other responses for blocked words will include, “I don’t want to talk about that!” When chatting to Cayla, you must just talk to her like you would any other person and can stand a distance of 25cm -40cm away. Cayla can filter out the background noise but it is best to talk one person at a time and speak clearly.

Cayla is among a growing number of hi-tech dolls that were launched at the annual Toy Fair at London’s Olympia exhibition centre. This first ever Wi-Fi connected doll was voted Best tech toy from London toy fair 2014.

the amazing app for my friend cayla the doll

It is a girl doll with blonde hair, a denim jacket and pants and a pink skirt. Apparently her appearance and accent will change slightly for distribution in particular countries. She will have an American accent in America and a British accent in the UK. She is suitable for children 4- 10 years of age. She is 457 mm in length, 210 mm wide and weighs 760 grams. When she isn’t helping you with your homework you can just play with her and brush her lovely hair.

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