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Barbie Color Change Glam Bag


the amazing glam barbie bag

Barbie Color Change Magic and colors are the most beloved things of the little ladies. They also like matching up their dress with the accessories they wear and then it comes to the bags which is weakness of every lady on the planet whether she is just a kid or a grown up lady. But for now there is a bag that is designed for the beautiful young girls that is usable with their any dress why because it has a property that makes it superior and that is the different colors it holds in it. This color enigma is what makes Barbie Color Change Glam Bag the most beloved accessory when they are in mood to dress up.


A property that sets Barbie Color Change Glam Bag apart

There are many bags in market that can make your little princess’s heart go wow, but when it comes to this bag it is just simply irresistible because it can change colors according to the dress she is wearing. This bag is capable to change its color to as many as 100+ colors.


Accessorizing the bag

Bag comes with the fabulous clips and attachments that can make it look prettier. This means that it not only changes colors but if the little girl wants to change how it looks after accessorizing then she have that choice too. So color and accessorizing conjoin to make a perfect bag she could ever have.


How it works

The Barbie color change glam bag is powered with the help of 3 x AA batteries. These batteries are what make it look like a magic happening in reality it is technology advancement. When your kid picks up the dress to wear all she have to do is to place the bag on the dress and the bag will change color with the light to the dresses color thus making it match to the dress.


Barbie doll can be yours too

Girls are always fond of Barbie doll too, so if she wishes to have a Barbie doll it can be bought separately and the most important thing is that the matching bag just like the one bought for your princess is present there for her Barbie too. This all is just making this bag a best amongst all.

the new color change barbie bag

How to wear

It is up to your kid how she wears, it comes with a strap in case she likes to wear it hanging or it can also be held like a clutch, so whatever style she chooses to hold it will work so perfectly and beautifully. After getting to know how amazing it is, there’s no chance that any parent would be there who wouldn’t want to get this amazing Barbie and me bag for their Barbie doll. If some occasion is coming up where you give your child a gift then for your princess this bag is the perfect choice as a gift. This Barbie and me color change bag is suitable for the girls whose age is 3+

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