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My Friend Cayla the Doll

My friend Cayla

Introducing the toy predicted to be the number 1 selling toy this Christmas My Friend Cayla

The new interactive Cayla the doll

My Friend Cayla, Invented by creator Bob Delprincipe from Las Vegas and made by European distributor Vivid, Can answer questions, understand, chat, tell stories, play games, play online and play offline. Vivid have a great track record with its products. They also brought out Teksta, the robotic dog which had great success.

My Friend Cayla is just like any doll that girls love to play with. What girls really love to do is talk to their dolls and wish they were able to talk back and Cayla is able to talk back and interact with her owner. She is a doll for the technological age that can connect with your smart phone or tablet. It uses Bluetooth, voice recognition and speech-to-text technology to answer its owner’s questions. Virtually play games, read stories and explore. It is the ultimate best friend doll that will have its own personality, likes and dislikes. Cayla contains a database with details of her family, pets,and her favourite things, such as her favourite food, pop-star and her favourite movie. She will also be the smartest friend you have ever had as she will be able to find information off the internet. You can ask her questions such as “What is the national animal of Scotland?” and she will be able to find the answer for you and reply “The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn”

Once you have purchased your doll you can download the app to your android or iphone tablet and start playing straight away.

Google’s Safe Search technology has been utilised to prevent Cayla from sharing material of an inappropriate nature. Parents can log into app and block any words they find unsuitable. Ask her where babies come from and she says: “I don’t know. You better ask your teacher.” Her other responses for blocked words will include, “I don’t want to talk about that!” When chatting to Cayla, you must just talk to her like you would any other person and can stand a distance of 25cm -40cm away. Cayla can filter out the background noise but it is best to talk one person at a time and speak clearly.

Cayla is among a growing number of hi-tech dolls that were launched at the annual Toy Fair at London’s Olympia exhibition centre. This first ever Wi-Fi connected doll was voted Best tech toy from London toy fair 2014.

the amazing app for my friend cayla the doll

It is a girl doll with blonde hair, a denim jacket and pants and a pink skirt. Apparently her appearance and accent will change slightly for distribution in particular countries. She will have an American accent in America and a British accent in the UK. She is suitable for children 4- 10 years of age. She is 457 mm in length, 210 mm wide and weighs 760 grams. When she isn’t helping you with your homework you can just play with her and brush her lovely hair.

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Check out the New Teksta T-Rex Robot Dinosaur


Children who love keeping pets but are not allowed to because they are messy and those who love dinosaurs can have Teksta T-Rex robot dinosaur as their buddy and pet. This is the toy that all children would just love because as fierce this animal was in his era is now really friendly and loving. If you wish to get your child this fun pet and friend then don’t forget that it has so much to offer that your kid will be the happiest one in all his friends. Because agree or not but it sure is one of the coolest toys ever. Get your child come to know about the earth the way it was before the advent of human beings on this planet. The fun factors of this toy that makes it really fun are:

Teksta T-Rex robot Dinosaur Response actions:

When you keep a pet children are always touching them, patting them and they also respond to their sound and touch, it’s same with Teksta T-Rex robot dinosaur. It has inbuilt property that it responds to the touch, light and sound thus making it a perfect buddy to be with. Another very cool feature is that it can also respond to hand gestures thus whenever your child gives a gesture to come for a walk it follows the command right away and act just like any alive pet.

teksta's t-rex robot

Love for eating:

Teksta T-Rex has a really big appetite and craves for the bone that comes along with the toy. So when it’s hungry you can throw him the bone and he will make the crunching and munching sounds as a symbol that he is eating the bone. When he is full and done with eating he will toss away the bone and make a burping sound to show how full his tummy is. It is a really natural demonstration of eating habits.

The t-rex robot dinosaur

Expression of emotions:

The mind blowing property of Teksta T-Rex that can really make your child feel as if it is a real pet and buddy is that it has capability to express the expressions as sad, happy and angry plus he can also show the expressions through its eye gestures. When the child pat it on its face he may growl and also snap at so be careful while making move.

Teksta T-Rex free app:

The free pp of Teksta T-Rex can be downloaded to get to know your robot pet buddy a bit more and also learn new tricks and games that you can play with it. This app gives you further guidance on how to play with your Teksta T-Rex.

The Teksta T-Rex is really adorable and amusing toy that can instill curiosity of knowing about the ancient environment and living creatures that are now extinct in your child. So if you want your child to get to know what the earth was like and want him to take interest in this Genre of science then start at early age and Teksta T-Rex can be helpful for that.


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BoomCo Rapid Madness blaster

Check out the BoomCo Rapid Madness blaster

Dart game got into the hands of innovative people and they designed BoomCo Rapid Madness blaster. This adrenaline pumping game is just made more full of energy and the speeds of dart firing is also amped-up so that your kid can get the best experience of his lifetime. The dart and target system that is installed in BoomCo Rapid Madness blaster is mind blowing and will keep your child busy for quite a time. This activity is loved by people for every age but technological era has added a flair to it that is hard to miss. This air powered blaster is the one gift that will make your boy feel really good and much more excited. It has a lot of features that makes it really the best target system ever and they are:

Shooting range:

Blast range of the BoomCo Rapid Madness blaster is up to 50 feet, it is fast and very exciting. When its tie for competition between two friends this is best device that can help you play. It can be played outdoors, in fact it is designed keeping in mind that the dart blasting game is played often outdoors. The child can take up a challenge and try to improve his aiming property. The far out shooting range is what makes the system a bit more fun and challenging then the simple dart game that is played since old times.

rapid master blaster gun

Smart stick system:

This system is designed for the darts and blaster adhesiveness, so that no pranks could be played by the kids or such that no one gets hurt at all. This is the system in which the dart only gets attached to only the surfaces that have smart stick adhesive in them. This is the way to keep the darts protected from any kind of damage while they are shot, especially because the darts are shot at quite fast pace by the blaster so it needs some place to stick to right away when it reaches there. The smart stick system is like magnet that attaches dart and the surface together.

best christmas toy

BoomCo Rapid Madness blaster media links:

Well, the BoomCo Rapid Madness blaster is the fastest dart blaster and has a high shooting range this is why the action is brought by its use and for that action you can visit different media links to know more about it and get to enjoy what games it has been used in. for getting updated you can visit YouTube and watch thrilling videos, visit Instagram to enjoy action pictures and much more. These media actions are to help you get more know how about this fun game and dwell into the amusement it brings to you.

The BoomCo Rapid Madness blaster is really a well-designed dart and aim system that has increasing demand especially for the kids who get all interested in the shooting and aiming tact. This is the gaming system that has taken dart game to a whole new appreciable and fast level that is undeniably very cool.

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Barbie Color Change Glam Bag


the amazing glam barbie bag

Barbie Color Change Magic and colors are the most beloved things of the little ladies. They also like matching up their dress with the accessories they wear and then it comes to the bags which is weakness of every lady on the planet whether she is just a kid or a grown up lady. But for now there is a bag that is designed for the beautiful young girls that is usable with their any dress why because it has a property that makes it superior and that is the different colors it holds in it. This color enigma is what makes Barbie Color Change Glam Bag the most beloved accessory when they are in mood to dress up.


A property that sets Barbie Color Change Glam Bag apart

There are many bags in market that can make your little princess’s heart go wow, but when it comes to this bag it is just simply irresistible because it can change colors according to the dress she is wearing. This bag is capable to change its color to as many as 100+ colors.


Accessorizing the bag

Bag comes with the fabulous clips and attachments that can make it look prettier. This means that it not only changes colors but if the little girl wants to change how it looks after accessorizing then she have that choice too. So color and accessorizing conjoin to make a perfect bag she could ever have.


How it works

The Barbie color change glam bag is powered with the help of 3 x AA batteries. These batteries are what make it look like a magic happening in reality it is technology advancement. When your kid picks up the dress to wear all she have to do is to place the bag on the dress and the bag will change color with the light to the dresses color thus making it match to the dress.


Barbie doll can be yours too

Girls are always fond of Barbie doll too, so if she wishes to have a Barbie doll it can be bought separately and the most important thing is that the matching bag just like the one bought for your princess is present there for her Barbie too. This all is just making this bag a best amongst all.

the new color change barbie bag

How to wear

It is up to your kid how she wears, it comes with a strap in case she likes to wear it hanging or it can also be held like a clutch, so whatever style she chooses to hold it will work so perfectly and beautifully. After getting to know how amazing it is, there’s no chance that any parent would be there who wouldn’t want to get this amazing Barbie and me bag for their Barbie doll. If some occasion is coming up where you give your child a gift then for your princess this bag is the perfect choice as a gift. This Barbie and me color change bag is suitable for the girls whose age is 3+

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